1. Production

Once we received electronically or through CD your manuscript it goes to our production process.

As a first step our layout experts examine all manuscript material sent by you and do the professional layout of book with cover designing if required.

The proof of book will send you via email in PDF format as per actual dimensions of final book with pages numbers.

You can print at your end and make the correction on printed sheet and send us via courier or you can send an email in which corrections can be mark page wise.

Then final proof will be mailed in PDF format with ISBN after doing all correction and production will start when your final approval will be received.

Within 48 business hours after getting final approval book will be printed

Its all depends on your nature of work which you want to publish or print. We offer three standard page book sizes i.e.

Demy size : 5.5" x 8" in paper back perfect binding.
Demy size : 5.75" x 8.25" in hardbound Jacket binding.
A4 size is : 8.25" x 11" in paper back perfect binding.

It is always recommended you should visit to your nearby libraries, book shop or book exhibition, assess your work or other related published book. Easily you will get the answer.

After you select the size of book you want to publish, it is recommended that you print a copy of the template for the book size you plan to publish and make sure your copy area will fit within the shaded area.

Make your layout at the center the pages in the shaded area and we will shift them left or right for binding adjustments margin.

Again it is matter of your choice if you want your book to in library shelf than it should be hard bound, if your book is for reading pleaser for readers than perfect binding is good due to it easy handing. If it is a workbook or manual with limited pages than saddle stitch binding is perfect choice and if pages are more than 48 no, we recommend double metal wire or spiral binding.

1. Perfect binding
2. Case Bound/Hardback binding
3. Double Metal Wire binding
4. Plastic Spiral Wire
5. Saddle Stitch or Center stitch

For color printing of text pages of book we offer 100-gsm matt art paper. For black printing of text pages of book, standard 80 gsm acid-free map litho. For cover multi color printing, we offer 250-gsm art cards matt. Apart of these options we can use other type of paper as book per requirement provided paper quality is good for printing.

The cover for your book is a very important selling tool. If cover fails to draw attention, the book will be in very tough situation. All large book publishers and distributors look for an attractive cover and book title. Eye-catching book cover design is a key to reach in the hand of buyers.

You should to have a professional service form a professional designer to make your cover attractive and eye-catching or at ABCPRESS color cover designing cost will be Rs. 500 extra, in which you will get 2 cover design layout options in PDF format along with about the book and about author layout. If you want to insert any photograph on cover, please provide scanned high-resolution TIF, JPGE or PDF format files at 300 dpi.

Lines art for the front cover should be scanned at 600 dpi and provide us in any above standard format.

Please insert your artwork or photographs in high-resolution i.e. 300 dpi, at appropriate place in your manuscript. Must provide us an additional copy of all scanned photographs and artwork files in any standard format like TIFF, JPEG, CDR or PDF etc.

Black color line art and black & white photographs either within the text or in cover will be printed at no additional charge. Our system has a maximum resolution of 2400 dots-per-inch (DPI), which produces super quality for most line art and photographs.

Yes. We do print any books with color images in the book. The cover of the book, however, will always be color.

Generally, book start with a half title page, full title page, copyright page, dedication page, content page, foreword, acknowledgment, glossary page, introduction page and preface as a starting pages of book.

Then main text of book will be in chapters format.

Appendix page, footnotes page, glossary page, reference page, bibliography page generally comes at the end of book. For detail reference & layout please click here

At the same time being you are the publisher or author and you have full control of how the pages will look and in what order they appear in your book.

Do not use too many different fonts, especially on the same page and never use all caps. Instead of using underline word use italic.

The proof of book will send you via email in PDF format as per actual dimensions of final book with pages numbers. You can get it printed at your end and make the correction on printed sheet and send us via courier or you can send an email in which corrections can be mark page wise. Then we will mail final proof again in PDF format after doing all corrections marked by you and production will start when your final approval will receive.

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is the 13-digit number on the back of a book is an integral of part of any book nowadays. This number identifies the publisher and the book title. Booksellers, distributors and libraries use this number to order, price and keep track of inventory. ISBN is known throughout the world as a short and clear machine-readable identification number, which marks any book unmistakably. Today all major libraries accept only those books that carry ISBN.

Click here to see an example ISBN bar code.

ISBN bar code is easily available through a government agency i.e.
Ministry of Human Resource Development
Department of Higher Education
Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency
for ISBN Room No. 13,4 th Floor, Jeevan deep Building,
Parliament Street, New Delhi 110001,
Phone No. 011-23369668
ABCPRESS can help you to obtain the ISBN bar code for your book or you can directly get ISBN form above agency.

Quark Xpress; Corel Draw; Adobe Photoshop; Microsoft Word; Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, many more!

If your software is not listed, don’t worry it will work with our software. Any questions regarding the software please mail us for further clarification.

We work on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh platform.

Yes, why not we will reprint your earlier book just like a new print order..

2. Marketing & Payment

The ABCPRESS will market and upload your book for sale on www.abcpress.in along with other book selling portals also like Flipkart & Amazon etc.
You can recommend our online portal or Flipkart or Amazon sites to your book readers. You should be pro-active to use social media i.e. e-mails, blogs, twitter, Whatsapp & Face book to promote your book.

50% payment at time of accepting the order and balance full and final payment should be made at time of delivery.

3. Copyrights & Privacy

The ABCPRESS software encrypts all files before they are sent from your computer to our production facility. The facility is highly automated so no unnecessary people view any of the material that is submitted. We have a number of firewalls to prevent unwanted visitors to our site. All personal information is kept strictly confidential. We do not share your name, address or other personal information with outside parties.

100% only you will hold the copyright of your book.

ABCPRESS guarantees that every book printed will be exactly as submitted or your money will be refunded or the books reprinted at no cost. Our software will let you preview your order before it is printed with 100% accuracy. You get to select the size, cover design and binding for your book. After the order is placed, you will receive an order acknowledgement by e-mail to confirm what you selected.

4. Job Status & Delivery

At the beginning of production we will assign you a Services User Member Number commonly referred to as your SUM No. Your SUM no will be your point of contact during your job production process. You can send us email within no time our system will inform you about your job status via email.

Delivery can be made through any means like courier, by hand, VPP or through transport on actual charges basis. We do not add any additional handling charges. In fact, we pass to you any discounts our freight carriers give us. At the time the books are shipped, you will receive an e-mail with the shipping information.

5. Rejection

Yes. ABCPRESS does not print or publish materials that are pornographic, libelous or defamatory. We also cannot print or publish materials that infringe upon the copyrights or trademarks of others. It is at the sole discretion of ABCPRESS whether we deem you material to be questionable.

6. Manuscript

  • We need your manuscript as a word processing document.
  • Your book needs to be at least 48 pages or 10,000 words to get ISBN.
  • We need all graphics like photos, tables, charts, diagrams and drawings in a 300-dpi tif or .jpg file format.
  • We also need a separate back-up .tif and .jpg file for each of the graphics.
The Book is basically divided into three main sections:
  • 1. Front Matter :

    Front matter introduces your book to your readers. The front-matter section, which appears before the main text, comprises a few pages that include the book's title, the author's name, the copyright information, and perhaps even a preface or a foreword. Use the list of common front-matter pages below to identify those pages that are suitable for your book.

    • Front Cover :

      The cover is what uniquely identifies your book and attracts readers. (Mandatory) View Sample

    • Half Title Page :

      The half title page is the first page of your book and contains your title only. This page does not include a byline or subtitle. (Optional) View Sample

    • Title Page :

      The title page shows your full book title and subtitle, your name, and any co-writer or translator. Publishers will add its logo and locations at the bottom of the page. (Mandatory) View Sample

    • Copyright Page :

      The copyright page contains the copyright notice, which consists of the year of publication and the name of the copyright owner. The copyright owner is usually the author but may be an organization or corporation. This page may also list the book's publishing history, permissions and acknowledgments, and disclaimers and ISBN (International Standard Book Number). (Mandatory) View Sample

    • Dedication :

      If you want to dedicate your book to someone special, be sure to include your tribute in the manuscript you submit. Dedications are usually short and directed at one person or family member. Keep it simple. You do not need to write, "Dedicated to" or use headlines. Dedications such as "For Mother" or "In Memory of My Father" are perfect. (Optional)

    • Table of Contents :

      A table of contents is usually used only in nonfiction works that have parts and chapters. A contents page is less common in fiction works but may be used if your work includes unique chapter titles. If book requires a contents page, please make sure it lists all the chapters or other divisions in your manuscript. Chapter listings must be worded exactly as they are in the book itself. (Mandatory) View Sample

    • List of Illustrations or Tables :

      If your book includes several key illustrations or tables that provide information or enhance the text in some way, consider creating a page that lists them. (Optional, if it is required)

    • Foreword :

      The foreword contains a statement about the book and is usually written by someone other than the author who is an expert or is widely known in the field of the book's topic. A foreword lends authority to your book and may increase its potential for sales. (Optional)  View Sample

    • Preface :

      The preface usually describes why you wrote the book, your research methods, and perhaps some acknowledgments if they have not been included in a separate section. (Mandatory)  View Sample

    • Acknowledgments :

      An acknowledgments page includes your notes of appreciation to people who provided you with support or help during the writing process or in your writing career in general. This section may also include any credits for illustrations or excerpts if not included on the copyright page. (Optional)

  • 2. Book Text Block :

    The main text, or what we call the Book text block, is the core of your manuscript. In the following section of text block sections, find and use only those sections which is relevant to your manuscript, which depends upon the nature of book like reference book, fiction, text book, how to do books, cookery book, family book and etc.

    • Introduction :

      The introduction describes something about the main text that your reader should know before proceeding to read the book. The introduction may also describe, in more detail than a preface, the research, methods, and overall concept of the book. View Sample

    • Chapter’s Title :

      Most works are divided into chapters. Chapter titles should be similar in tone, length, capitalization, and punctuation and be equally placed throughout your manuscript. Each chapter is normally numbered. View Sample

    • Sections :

      Text may be divided into sections larger than chapters.

    • Conclusion :

      More extensive than afterward, a conclusion may or may not be numbered as the final chapter. The conclusion provides a summary of your ideas, concepts, and advice, leaving the reader with a clear understanding of the major concepts presented in the book and some guidelines on what to do with that information.

    NOTE : Being it is your book and you know better how to put your manuscript in front of your target readers, who are going to purchase your book. Better check your related topic books in market and keep formatting as market demands.

  • 3. Back Matter :

    A book submission is perfect when you make back pages or back matter of book as much as you can.
    • Appendix :

      An appendix includes any data that might help clarify the text for the reader. Some items included here might be a list of references, tables, reports, background research, and sources, if not extensive enough to be included in a separate section. (Optional)

    • Footnotes :

      If your main text requires notes to amplify the text, please arrange the footnotes by chapter wise. Footnotes would more likely be included in the references section. (Optional)

    • Glossary :

      A glossary comprises alphabetically arranged words and their definitions. Be sure to include one if you use terminology that is not generally known to the average reader or if you coin new words or phrases to explain your ideas. (Optional)

    • Resources :

      Often, readers want to buy products or join organizations in the field in which you've written. A list of organizations and associations, manufacturers and distributors, Web sites, and other sources are invaluable to your readers. (Optional)

    • Bibliography or References :

      Both the bibliography and reference sections list the sources for works used in your book. Be sure to arrange the sources alphabetically by the author's last name. (Optional)

    • Index :

      The index is an alphabetically ordered list of words and terms used for referencing your text. (Optional)

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